It normally takes 7-35 days to custom make the dress. Please Contact Us to request the processing time or visit this page to learn about order process.

Also, normally 1-4 fittings are required by any tailor shop, before the customs made garment is completed. We offer to make free adjustment for custom made dress. However the customer is responsible for the shipping cost. Also, if the custom made garment measurements matches the measurements customer provided, but smaller than the actually body measurements of customer, we may not be able to make the dress larger to fit the customer’s need.

  • Standard Fit: Bust + 3 cm, Waist + 2 cm, Hip + 3 cm (Model in modern fabric buttons closure dresses)
  • Loose Fit: Bust + 6-9 cm, Waist + 5-8 cm, Hip + 6-9 cm (Traditional looks. It’s often seen in the old fashion fabric button closure cheongsam, but it’s not often being used to make the modern zipper closure qipao)
  • Tight Fit: Bust + 1 cm, Waist + 1 cm, Hip + 1 cm (Model in modern zipper closure dress. It’s HIGHLY NOT recommended for the first fitting. Remember it’s always easy to trim down a dress than make it larger, especial for 100% silk, brocade dresses, which it’s easy for the fabric to be torn apart. Also, it’s not a good idea to use such a fit for craftsmanship dresses with the fabric button closure instead of the zipper closure. )
  • Average Measurement Error Range: 2-3cm. Custom-made dresses need to have at least two fittings to fit perfectly by any tailor shop. Especially when the dress is made by one tailor after the measurements is taken by a different person.
  • Dress length, sleeve length, collar height and neck grid etc. are not required and/or suggested. When the measurements are not specified by customers, our tailors use the standard size base on the customer’s height and weight. Frequently most of us are not familiar with take the cheongsam measurements accurately. If you have more questions about how to take the body measurements, visit THIS PAGE to learn the details before submit your measurements below.

Please submit your measurements for Custom-Made dress below: